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Your website is never done!

All businesses need regular website maintenance to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings and present new information, products and services to the public. We offer reliable maintenance service to our clients to keep their website up and running, in a trendy and up-to-date fashion. 

What our package includes

Quick Response

By signing an annual maintenance agreement, your requests will be up in the queue and will be sorted out on urgent basis.

Annual Term

This support agreement covers you for one full year.

Extra Content Pages

Adding extra Content Pages keeps your website fresh, catchy and properly indexed by search engines. E.g. of content pages are About Us, News, Company Profile etc ...

Regular Backups

Avoid losing data with our regular backups, while you focus on your business. Backups are needed in case of website attacks or unwanted changes.

Recovery in cases of Hack

A single breach can cost retailers hundreds of millions of dollars and can impact customer confidence.

Repairs and Fixes

This is related to errors, bugs, and broken links. Both internal and external links will be checked. A link checker will be used to look for broken links that frustrate the users and reduce the search engine rankings.

Scan for vulnerabilities

Security should be the primary reason for the maintenance of the website. Scanning for vulnerabilities regularly assures that your website is not attacked or taken over.

Functionality Check

We will check all the important functionality like filling up signing forms, contact forms, checkout forms etc to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

Browser compatibility testing

We will test if all aspects of your website are functioning properly in the most common browsers and mobile screens and propose the appropriate solutions.

Software update

The critical software your site relies on should be updated, mainly your content management systems, their themes and plugins. 


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